PDFtoMusic d 1.3.0

Automatically play musical scores in PDF format


  • Automatically reads music and lyrics
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports editing in Melody and Harmony Assistant


  • Doesn't read printed or scanned music sheets


If you're a musician and have downloaded a musical score in PDF format, then PDFtoMusic cleverly reads and plays music sheets automatically.

It's useful for anyone that receives or edits musical scores from friends or colleagues that aren't working on the same musical application or playing them back on the same player. To use it, simply open a PDF document with a musical score and within a few seconds, the music and even the lyrics will playback in MIDI format.

If you want to edit the score with PDFtoMusic, the developers recommend using Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, which allow you to remove parts, transpose them, or completely rearrange the whole piece. For those that need XML exporting, the Pro version of PDFtoMusic allows you to so that you can edit the sheets in most major musical editors.

The major drawback of PDFtoMusic is that it doesn't read scanned or printed music sheets - only PDFs and music sheets in digital formats.

PDFtoMusic is an excellent tool for any professional or amateur musician that wants to exchange music scores in PDF format.



PDFtoMusic d 1.3.0

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